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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

BPSU Report - August 2018

Public Service Superannuation Fund

BPSU Report - July 2018

Initiatives Affecting Public Service Employees

BPSU Report - Date


BPSU Report - September 2014

Public Private Partnerships

BPSU Report - August 2015

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BPSU 2019 Annual Report

The AGM is an avenue that the Union uses to update its membership on what is has done over the past year... Read on to see what YOUR Union has accomplished!

BPSU 2018 Annual Report

The BPSU 2018 Annual Report has been on to find out what YOUR Union has accomplished over the past year!

BPSU congratulates its members, Spotlight on the Division 7 & Bar Committee Chair plus Highlights from the 2016 AGM can all be found in this edition of the Feedback on....

The AGM serves as a time for the members to hear first hand what their Union has been doing over the past year and to offer suggestions on how they want the Union to move forward.

BPSU Feedback Newsletter - Q2 2016

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