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Labour Day 2020
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The Union’s Personal Service

You, as the members, are entitled to the most personal service available to any trade unionist in the country!

Bermuda Public Services Union
# 2 Angle Street
Hamilton, HM 10

Email us:

Position Papers

The BPSU publishes a number of position papers on key issues that not only affect our members but Bermudian workers overall.  With careful research, the BPSU stands behind its position on key issues such as Public Private Partnerships, Mutualisation and more.  

Sexual Harassment PP Cover



Providing effective labour and community relations.

The BPSU is committed to being a proactive and respected union which promotes the active involvement and development of its members, maximizing its resources to foster a culture that embraces bottom-up decisions, facilitates open communication channels and embraces collaboration with stakeholders for the betterment of its members and the community.

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