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2023 International Women's Day

This year the theme for International Women's Day is Embracing Equity and marks the 113th anniversary of celebrating the strides and achievements women have made towards equality and inclusiveness.

This podcast series was hosted by Jamillah Lodge with Sis. Lloyquita Symonds, Assistant General Secretary of the Bermuda Public Services Union, Sis. Marilyn Cameron, Benefits Supervisor of DEOD, Sis. Verlicia Scott, Office Manager at the Accountant General and Sis. Lisa Reed, Director of the Human Rights Commission.

Podcast with Sis. Lloyquita Symonds - Series 1

Podcast with Sis. Marilyn Cameron - Series 2

Podcast with Sis. Verlicia Scott - Series 3

Podcast with Sis. Lisa Reed - Series 4


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