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Important information to assist our members in their trade union experience.

Your Collective Agreement

  • All members should own a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). (Download)


  • The CBA is a negotiated document between Employer and Union and the employer is responsible for distribution.


  • The purpose of the CBA is to regulate salaries and the terms and conditions of employment.

Did You Know?

A trade union is a continuous and permanent, democratic organization; voluntarily created by the workers to protect themselves at their workplace, to improve their conditions of work through collective bargaining procedures, to seek to better the condition of their lives, to secure their natural rights and to provide an effective means of expression for workers’ views on problems of society and politics?

The Union’s Personal Service

You, as the members, are entitled to the most personal service available to any trade unionist in the country.


Do you know?


  •  As a member of the B.P.S.U. we will defend your grievances?

  •  As a member of the B.P.S.U. you are entitled to representation at termination of employment or dismissal?

  •  That we will represent you if you have been made redundant?

  •  That we will represent you if you have been overlooked for a promotion?

  •  We will represent you at the Appeal Tribunals or assist in any way to secure your entitlements?

  •  As a member, you can have monthly savings deducted from your salary and receive interest on pay-out of funds?

  •  We have an educational awards draw each year for members and dependents?

  • All such services are confidential to you, the member.

Representation of Joint Committees

Do you know?


  • That we represent civil servants on the G.E.H.I. Committee and although we have acquired the gains you now enjoy, we continue to negotiate for further benefits? Similar representation is made as required with other areas under B.P.S.U. agreements.

  •  That we represent civil servants on the Public Service Superannuation Board in order to protect your pension rights? Similar representation is made as required with other areas under B.P.S.U. agreements.

  •  That as a member you are represented on the Labour Advisory Council? This council is chaired by the Minister of Labour, Home Affairs and Housing.

  •  That representatives of employers and the Union meet on a Joint Consultative Committee (J.C.C.) on a regular basis?

Your Safety and Health at Work

Do you know?


  •  That the Occupational Safety & Health at Work Act, 1982, amended 2005 makes provisions for a Safety and Health Committee to be formed in workplaces where ten or more employees are employed, or a representative in areas with less than ten employees?

  •  That the Act applies to all persons at work?

  •  That the Act requires that members of the Public be protected from work activities?

  •  That the Act requires that manufacturers and suppliers sell products that are fully guarded and safe to operate?

  •  That an employee has the right to refuse dangerous work?

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