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History of the B.P.S.U.

The BPSU can trace its roots back more than 50 years. Here is a brief chronological summary of important events in the life of our organisation:

The Civil Service Association came into being in the early 1950's. The earliest minutes point to 1952. The founding members were all Heads of Government Departments who included: Mr. Ralph Gauntlett, O.B.E., E.D. Collector of Customs, Mr. Martin Godet Senior Magistrate and Mr. Donald J. Williams Inspector of Schools

A statement issued on behalf of the group said, "Recognizing the importance of its Civil Service establishments to the smooth and efficient operation of any country, and being gravely concerned over the fact that it was becoming increasingly difficult to induce qualified young men and women to enter the Civil Service of Bermuda, and what that portends, a number of civil servants met some months ago to consider the situation". (Mid Ocean News, February 19, 1977 - "25 years later")

In the 1940's certain appointments were made by the Colonial Office in London while other entrance into Government was by means of successfully completing the Civil Service Examination.

These examinations were opened for the first time to black Bermudians in May 1949. Segregation was prominent and the application form indicated the race or colour of the applicant. This anomaly gave reason for Mr. David Tucker to voice his concern in the House of Assembly in June 1950 about the fact that several black persons had taken and passed examinations but were never appointed. He asked that the Executive Council look into the matter. Mr. Tucker felt that there was too much power given to a few people who made the appointments without any particular qualifications to assist them in their choice. The result was that more than 85% of the Civil Service was recruited from European descent. (Recorder, 1st November, 1950 - Editorial)

Discontent was brewing within the Civil Service, 38 persons resigned from the Service in 1950, which was a clear indication that something was wrong. We know that the wages were incomparable to private businesses, and many discussions on this issue took place in the House of Assembly. In April 1952 a new wage scale was presented to the Assembly by Mr. Dudley Spurling, Chairperson of the Civil Service Committee. During that time any considerations pertaining to the Civil Service were submitted by the Civil Service Committee.

After many debates on the new scale, it was rejected. This resulted in the prompt resignation of the Committee. In May, the same Bill, presented by a new Committee, was passed (14 to 12 votes).

Dissatisfaction and concerns of the Civil Servants prompted the formation of the Civil Services Association (C.S.A.).

The Group met informally and one of their initial activities was to propose to Government their intention of assisting in upgrading the Professional Standards within the Civil Service. Their objectives were:

  1. To secure the greatest measure of co-operation between the Government in its capacity as employer and the general body of Civil Servants in matters affecting the Civil Service.
  2. To provide ways and means from the general principles governing conditions of service, that is its recruitment, tenure, hours of duty, conduct, promotion, remuneration and superannuation.
  3. To enhance efficiency in the public service by bringing together the experience and different points of view of members of the service.

The Executive Council had some reservations about the viability of seeing the C.S.A. as a Professional Association because the first Trade Union Law had been enacted in Bermuda in 1945 and Government feared what might happen within the Civil Service. It was not the intent of the C.S.A. to become a Trade Union, but once registered, came under the Trade Union and Disputes Act, 1946. The founders were asked to appear before the Executive Council and had to convince them that their motives were in the best interest of the country.

The first office and place of business was at the residence of the first President, Mr. Ralph L. Gauntlett, Sr., "Rosebank", Paget East. On 11th July 1952, it was relocated to rooms 318, 320, of the Hamilton Hotel with a P.O. Box 16, Hamilton.

The C.S.A. in 1952 had a structure of four Executive Officers, ten members on Management and fifty-two ordinary members. In 1995 there were nine Executive Officers (including the General Secretary), provisions for thirty members on Management and 2,000 plus membership.

The dues subscription in 1952 was one pound per annum. This subscription for 52 members paid the rent and utilities and funded a newsletter called "The Bermuda Civil Servant", which was sold to non-members at sixpence (6d) per copy.

Very little is known about the position of the C.S.A. between 1953 and 1961. In fact trade union activity came to a standstill after the death of the father of Trade Unionism in Bermuda, Dr. E.F. Gordon in 1955. It was not until early 1961 that a group of Senior Civil Servants made strides to reactivate the Association. They met at the Masonic Hall, Reid Street, Hamilton. A Constitution was drafted with the assistance of a Senior Officer from the Colonial Secretariat Office and a general meeting was held at the City Hall, Church Street on 14th August 1961. One hundred persons attended this meeting, the Constitution was adopted and a Council of twelve was elected.

In September 1961 the Executive members of the C.S.A. met with Governor, Sir Julian Gascoigne in the presence of the Colonial Secretary and received his support. Encouraged, the C.S.A. contacted 1,140 Government Employees including Policemen and Teachers. The Policemen and Teachers had their own unions, but the object of the C.S.A. was to encourage all eligible employees to join so that the Association could become the principal representative for all Government employees. The reactivation of the Association was the name change to Bermuda Civil Services Association (B.C.S.A.).

The B.C.S.A. in 1966 was registered for the first time under the Trade Union Act, 1946. In that same year the Association procured a five-day work week which elated the 420 strong membership.

The meetings were then held in the Horticultural Hall in the Botanical Gardens and progress continued with the foresight and tireless efforts of Mr. Donald "Don" Moore who became President in 1967.

During Mr. Moore's three-year tenure, there were many firsts:

  1. The rental of the first B.C.S.A. Headquarters on King Street between Sun Control and Hill Company.
  2. The appointment of the first part-time Executive Officer, Dr. Simon Frazer - at Eight Thousand Pounds per annum.
  3. The restructuring of the Civil Service.

Mr. Moore was very vocal about his feelings on securing Agency Shop. He was perturbed about non-members enjoying the privileges attained by the Association. However, it was not until 1974 that the B.C.S.A. succeeded in acquiring an Agency Shop Agreement.

The B.C.S.A., under Mr. Moore, developed close ties with the Bermuda Industrial Union (B.I.U), but some of the more conservative members looked upon the B.I.U. as a semi-political organization with intentions of controlling their members. There was in any case a good rapport between the larger unions - B.I.U., Teachers' Union and the Police Association. These unions, together with the B.C.S.A., were instrumental in the shelving of the Official Secrets Act.

Mr. Moore's Presidency did not end without having another first - a Presidents' Ball. It was held at the Bermudiana Hotel with Lord and Lady Martonmere - The governor and his wife, in attendance. Dr. Marjorie Bean, M.B.E., C.B.E., (now Dame Marjorie Bean) who was Secretary of the B.C.S.A. and a Supervisor of Schools for the Education Department organized the first President's Ball. Mr. Moore says "that she did a magnificent job", he remembers being a bundle of nerves all evening while Dame Bean was like the "Rock of Gibraltar". The President's Ball was instituted because there was a lack of togetherness between departments "they were like little empires" and the Ball was to bring the membership together.

Dame Bean was the first black person to be appointed in the Civil Service and as a Senior Civil Servant joined forces with other Civil Servants in 1952 to hold informal meetings.

Dame Bean was an Executive Officer under the Presidency of Mr. Norman Shrubb and Secretary under the Presidency of Mr. Donald Moore. Dame Bean served along with Mr. Caroll Usher as the B.C.S.A. Trustees on the Pension Board who also served as Trustees for the Association along with Mr. David Bell.

Mr. Moore resigned his post with the Bermuda Government in September 1970, and the Presidency became vacant. Mrs. Verbena Daniels, the Vice President, was elected President at a Special General Meeting, becoming the first lady President of the Association.

On 15th January 1971, the B.C.S.A. became the Bermuda Public Services Association (B.P.S.A.). This change was to accommodate the admission of the Hospitals - King Edward Memorial Hospital and St. Brendan's as a Division of the Association.

Under the Presidency of Mrs. Daniels, the first Civil Servants' strike took place from 3rd-15th November 1973. The strike was incited when Government disagreed with arbitration over a wage contract. The Bermuda Industrial Union (B.I.U.) morally supported the B.P.S.A., and was reported in the Royal Gazette as saying that "Government is frivolous to allow a strike to take place". The strike affected all areas, specifically the Post Office where there were 2,000 bags of mail stockpiled after the 12-day strike.

The Progressive Labour Party (P.L.P.) accused Government of being high handed and blamed them for the strike, while the Chamber of Commerce organized service for essential mail. The senior officers who were not involved in the strike considered joining the rest of the members, however the strike ended.

A highlight of the strike was on the 10th November 1973 when the members picketed the opening of Parliament and the P.L.P. boycotted that opening. As the strike continued there was fear that if would escalate when the B.I.U. decided to enter the dispute, but it ended before this could take place with a wage agreement of 13.5%. The contract was signed on 30th November 1973.

Mrs. Daniels stood alone with her members during the 12 day strike for her Executive Officer was called abroad. Mr. Moore said of Mrs. Daniels, "she braved many storms, she believes that true leadership comes from recognizing the responsibilities one accepts as an elected officer and carrying out those responsibilities to the best of one's ability in the interest of all members of the Association". Mrs. Daniels stepped down in 1975.

Mr. David Bell succeeded Mrs. Daniels in 1975. Mr. Bell was instrumental in gaining affiliation with the Caribbean Public Services Association (C.P.S.A.).

Mr. Bell resigned from the Presidency in 1978 and was succeeded by Mr. John W.F. Payne. Under the Presidency of Mr. Payne the B.P.S.A. has had some major achievements, one of which was the purchasing of the Headquarters Building on 22nd July, 1981, which was officially opened on 15th March, 1982 by the Secretary to Cabinet, Mr. W. James Williams.

To celebrate the opening there was a week of activities. Many members volunteered to renovate and put the new Headquarters in readiness for the opening. The opening of the Headquarters coincided with the 1st Biennial Delegates' Conference held on 19th March 1982.

The Biennial Delegates' Conference constitutionally replaced the Annual General Meeting. The conference makes provisions for fair Divisional Representation from the membership and an assurance for an even exchange of information.

The B.P.S.A. took further strides by purchasing the plot of land adjacent to the Headquarters on the corner of Brunswick and Angle Streets on 23rd September, 1983.

On 20th November, 1978, Dr. Simon Frazer retired from the B.P.S.A. as the Executive Officer and Mr. Eugene Blakeney was appointed the first General Secretary of the Association in January 1979. Mr. Blakeney brought with him a wealth of experience in Unionism, having been an Executive with the B.I.U. for over 20 years. The Association has since then made significant strides, both locally and internationally.

In 1980 the Association hosted the 10th Annual Caribbean Public Services Association Conference with eleven affiliates participating. During the rapid progress in the Association, there was a turning point in Trade Unionism in Bermuda. The Island experienced a stalemate in 1981 when there was an island-wide strike by the B.I.U. Unions, including the B.P.S.A., engaged in a one-day sympathy strike on 5th May, 1981. This action of sympathy by the majority of members enraged at least 20 other members who resigned in protest at the manner in which the vote was conducted.

In May 1981, BPSA summoned talks with other trade unions to form a Bermuda Trade Union Congress.

Other achievements to date under Mr. Payne's Presidency include recognition in Government and the Private Sector comprising:

  • 1976 - The Bermuda College
  • 1980 - The Bermuda Telephone Company
  • 1980 - The Pharmacists (Retail Outlets)
  • 1981 - Stonington Beach Hotel (Trainers)
  • 1983 - The Corporation of Hamilton
  • 1984 - Bermuda Monetary Authority
  • 1985 - Cable & Wireless

In 1983 the Association joined the International Trade Secretariats, Public Services International (PSI) and Postal, Telegraph and Telephone International (P.T.T.I).

On 12th May, 1984, the B.P.S.A. joined in with the celebrations of Bermuda's Heritage by honouring Trustees and past Officers at a gala banquet at the Sonesta Beach Hotel. The Honorees were:

  • Mr. Ralph Gauntlett, 1st President - 1952
  • Mr. Donald (Don) Moore, President - 1967-1970
  • Mrs. Verbena Daniels, 1st Lady President - 1970 -1975
  • Mr. David Bell, President - 1975 -1978
  • Dr. Marjorie Bean, MBE., O.B.E., Secretary - 1952 -1970
  • Dr. Simon Frazer, Executive Officer - 1967 -1978

In November 1984 the B.P.S.A. sent twelve women members from Management to attend the second Public Services International Women's Conference in New York City. The goal of the Conference was to help to understand the special issues of concern to women in their lives, their public service jobs and in their unions. The Theme "Women in the Public Service".

1985 came in with those twelve (12) women delegates preparing for a Women's Conference to mark the End of the Decade for Women. The keynote speaker was Mrs. Grace Hartman, Vice President of the P.S.I. The Conference was held at the Union Headquarters on 23rd March.

1985 saw an increased amount of activity in the union. On 3rd and 4th May, 1985 the Union conducted its first weekend Management Symposium, and, on 19th June 1985 the first of a series of Membership Seminars. A Heritage questionnaire for the month of May became another annual event.

Construction began in 1985 to extend the lower level of the Headquarters to allow for additional office and conference space.

In 1986 the President attended the 59th International Course (Afro-Asian Institute) on Labour and Cooperation in the Services and Development. The three (3) month course (28th August - 25th November) was held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Institute is an independent institution affiliated to the HISTADRUT, the General Federation of Labour in Israel. It is mainly engaged in training leadership for the labour movements in African, Asian, Pacific and Caribbean countries.

In November 1986 the Union paid tribute to our Trustee and Founding Member, Dr. Marjorie Bean, O.B.E. during an autographing and presentation session of "Trail Blazers".

"Trail Blazers" is the biography of Dame Bean, and the Union purchased and distributed eleven (11) copies to organizations in the Community. The autographing and presentation was followed by a reception. The proceedings took place during the Intermediate Shop Stewards' Seminar in which Dame Bean participated in the distribution of certificates.

Under the sponsorship of the Postal, Telegraph and Telephone International, the International Labour Organization assisted the B.P.S.A. in conducting a five-day seminar on "Economics for Workers". This extensive seminar, held in November 1986, was officially opened by the Premier, the Hon. John W. Swan, whilst, the Opposition Leader Mr. L. Frederick Wade, participated in the closing ceremony. Mr. George DePeana, I.L.O. Education Advisor on Workers' Activities conducted the Seminar. He has provided assistance in the Advanced Educational Programmes for the past seven years.

The Union took pride in flying its own flag in 1986. The design was selected from entrants in a contest. The Education Committee skillfully combined two entries to make the final design. The winning participants were Sis. Patti-Ann Flood and Sis. Victoria Manning. The four stars on the Flag depict the four (4) Bargaining Units:

  • Government
  • Communications
  • Hospitals
  • Private Sector

The Union also takes pride in having its own Christmas card, which was designed by the Honorary Treasurer. Mr. Leon Simmons in 1985.

During our 35th Anniversary Year, 1987, three presidents held office.

Our long serving President, Mr. John W.F. Payne resigned to take up the post of Labour Planning Officer in the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs.

Mr. Quinton B. Stovell, 1st Vice President was appointed as Acting President, a post he held for four months until his untimely death on 21st September, 1987.

Appointed 1st Vice President, Mrs. Estlyn D. Harvey was also appointed to act as President until the forthcoming Biennial Delegates' Conference in 1988.

In June 1987, a Week of Activities was organized to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the B.P.S.A. During this week a Banquet was held in honour of Mr. John Payne. The Keynote Speaker for this occasion was Mrs. Neo Esther Chepape from the South African Black Municipalities Allied Workers' Union. Mrs. Chepape was acquainted with Mr. Payne and Mr. Stovell at the 25th P.T.T.I. World Congress in Interlaken, Switzerland in September 1985.

From 28th - 30th October and 5th - 6th November 1987 the Union held its 1st Training the Trainers Seminar. In attendance at the opening ceremony were international representatives from the International Labour Organization (I.L.O), Postal Telegraph and Telephone International (P.T.T.I.) and Union of Communication Workers (U.C.W.) - (U.K.). Phase II of the Trainers' Seminar was held from 28-29th January 1988.

The 4th Biennial Delegates' Conference of the B.P.S.A. was held on 25th and 26th March 1988. Mr. Edward G. Ball, Jr. was elected President.

In June 1988, the President, Mr. Edward G. Ball, Jr. and the General Secretary, Mr. Eugene A. Blakeney attended the 28th Biennial Convention of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO (AFSCME) as Fraternal Delegates.

The B.P.S.A. was the host of the 1st Caribbean Regional Women's Conference sponsored by the Public Services International (P.S.I.) and financed by Freidrich Ebert Stiftung (F.E.S.). The Conference was held at the Hamilton Princess Hotel on 2nd - 6th October 1988. Delegates were from 11 countries.

In October 1988 a Special Delegates' Conference was held to consider Amendments to the Constitution.

The Bermuda College Lecturers received recompense for employees awarded higher qualifications.

Improvements were made in compensating workers who worked weekends.

The BPSA mounted a fact-finding investigation into calls by Government to increase employee contributions to The Public Service Superannution Fund to 7%.

The BPSA office expanded to included a Boardroom and additional rest rooms.

The Women's Committee held its first Forum in June 1989. Topics were, Facing the Challenges of the Nineties, Emphasis on Budgeting, Childcare, Physical Abuse and Housing.

In July 1989 the Membership and Welfare Committee was developed and implemented the Membership Assistance Programme.

The B.P.S.A. adopted its motto "Onward and Upward Together" in July 1989. The motto was submitted by Bro. Kenneth Stone, Customs Department.

In July, 1989 Bro. Gilbert Trott, 3rd Vice President, was promoted to a supervisory level, thus moved out of the bargaining unit. As a result he tended his resignation, and Sis. Betty Christopher, Assistant Recording Secretary was appointed 3rd Vice President. Sis. Rosalyn Burchell was appointed Assistant Recording Secretary.

Bros. Edward Ball and Albert James attended the P.T.T.I. 26th World Congress in Brighton, U.K., in September 1989.

In November 1989 Bros. Eugene Blakeney and Stephen Emery attended the P.S.I. 24th World Congress, in Harare, Zimbabwe.

In January 1990, Long Service Awards were bestowed on B.P.S.A. Secretariat Staff. Bro. Eugene Blakeney - 10 years, Sis. Thelma Hart - 10 years, Sis. Patty-Ann Flood - 7 years.

Bro. Rhydell Paynter attended the 1990 P.S.I. Regional Youth Symposium in Barbados.

Improvements were negotiated in the area of vacations, sick leave, maternity leave and the achievement of six days' sick leave for spouse or child.

A Child Care Facility Survey was conducted.

Quarterly financial statements were produced.

The prefix Honorary was removed from Treasurer and Secretary.

The Association took a stance against the Health Insurance and the Bermuda Medical Society not compensating private laboratories for blood work.

A policy statement was drawn up on Alcoholism and Drugs.

A new Minister, John Irving Pearman heads the Ministry of Labour. His theme "Quality of Life" became the battle cry to reform Bermuda's Industrial Relations.

In 1991, Bros. Blakeney and Ball attended a Seminar at the Industrial Relations Institute in Ottawa, Canada.

The Formation of a Bermudianisation Committee took place in 1991.

Submissions to GEHI were made to improve benefits such as dentists, chiropodists, optometrists.

The Association formed a Youth Wing.

Persons running as a General Officer of the Union must procure a proposer and seconder and that the signature of such persons must be penned in the register during the month of November prior to the Biennial Delegates' Conference.

In May 1991 the Building Committee awarded B&M Construction Company the contract to extend the building to include more office space, a new kitchen and a multi-purpose room.

In June 1991, the Labour Relations Amendment Act, 1991, was passed. The Act legislates the Hotel Industry as an Essential Industry.

The BPSA refused to submit suggestions to the Joint Select Committee to amend existing labour laws.

Two Special Delegates' Conferences were held in 1991 to ratify the amendment to the BPSA Constitution.

Public Forum on "What makes News" where distinguished news panelists from print and live media presented their news agency's views on how news is reported.

A general membership meeting to be held every fiscal year.

The Women's Committee intensified its mandate to improve quality of childcare as outlined in the National Children's Day, 1990 and the World Summit for Children.

World Aids Day, 1992.

The BIU Credit Union sought to extend their bond to include BPSA members. The Finance Ministry denied the application.

The Privatisation Committee mounted a campaign to neutralise Government backbenchers to privatize certain Government departments.

In March 1993 a Constitution Committee was formed to amend meeting frequency of the Executive and Management Committees.

In addition, the following issues were identified:

  • Setting up a Disciplinary Committee under Article VI Organization - 2 (f) Management Committee.
  • Election Procedure changed to have one-day Biennial General Election for General Officers to be held the first Thursday in February when all members shall have the right to cast their ballots. Article XV Officers 2(a) i.
  • Identify the Chain of Authority, i.e., General Membership Meeting, Biennial Delegates' Conference, Special Delegates' Conference, Management Committee and Executive Committee - Article XIX.
  • Removing Regulations, thereby incorporating them with the Articles.
  • Identify quorums for each meeting.

Bro. George DePeana, ILO Regional Adviser on workers' activities assisted the Committee in their amendments.

The Public Relations Committee became a Standing Committee and a Newsletter, "Feedback" is produced in-house every six weeks in-house.

Sis. Angela Smith and Patty-Ann Flood attended the George Meany Centre for a news-writing course.

A special Ad hoc Committee was formed to address the shortfall in the Public Superannuation Fund.

A BPSA mediation group attempted to broker the BIU/HEB hotel dispute without success.

In July 1993 the BPSA offers scholarships to its members and their dependents for local and overseas education.

The Caribbean Congress of Labour accepts BPSA's request membership after ten years.

Sis. Estlyn Harvey attended the ILO World Seminar in Grenada, on the Environment.

Bro. Ball completed a 12-week course at the ILO Turin Certre in Turin, Italy.

Bro.Ball completed the CCL/AIFLD six-week educational programme at the George Meany College in Maryland.

Bro. Blakeney voted as 1st alternate to the English Speaking Caribbean of the PSI IMRAC.

Sis. Shawn Gibbons and Donna Wears attended the Barbados NVPW Youth Symposium.

In 1993 Bro. Stephen Emery attended the CCL/AIFLD six-week seminar under the theme "Labour Relations in a World of Change."

In 1994 the BPSA recommenced talks with other Trade Unions to draft a Constitution for the Bermuda Trade Union Congress.

In January 1994, Bro. Ball takes a one-year leave of absence to complete a Masters Degree in Labour and Human Resources.

The first Biennial General Election for BPSA Executive Officers was held on February 6, 1994. Sis. Leleath Bailey was elected the second woman President and the first President to be elected in this fashion.

Bro. Stephen Emery was seconded from H M Customs to act as Assistant to the General Secretary.

Dr. Marjorie Bean was conferred the title of Dame Marjorie. Dame Bean was the first Secretary of the Civil Services Association in 1952, and presently holds one of the three posts as Trustee for the BPSA.

In 1995 - in recognition of International Women's Day, nine women of the Union were recognized for their years of service to the BPSA.

Appointment of Sis. Leleath Bailey as a member of the Task Force on Women's Issues - 1995.

In November 1995 - Employment of first full-time Education/Research Officer, Bro. Stephen W. Emery.

Establishment of the BPSA Retirees Committee - November 1995.

The second Biennial General Election for Executive Officers was held on February 1, 1996. Sis. Leleath Bailey was re-elected to the post of President.

The 8th Biennial Delegates' Conference of the BPSA was held on March 14-15, 1996.

Payment of the mortgage on the Headquarters Building - March 1996.

Management Symposium conducted by Bro. George DePeana - May 1996. Theme: "Facing Paradigm Shifts".

Mortgage Burning Ceremony - September 5, 1996.

Appreciation Banquet in honour of retired ILO Specialist on Workers' Activities (Caribbean), Bro. George DePeana, and in recognition of retired BIU President, Bro. Ottiwell Simmons - September 7, 1996.

In January 1997 - 1st BPSA Leadership Development Programme, resulting in 14 Graduates.

Celebration of International Women's Day - March 8, 1997 with a Workshop entitled "Equal Opportunities for Men and Women Workers."

Appointment of Sis. Thelma Hart as Bermuda's Liaison for the Caribbean Congress of Labour's Women's Project - March 1997.

Affiliation with the International Air Traffic Controllers' Association - March 1997.

Admission of SERCO Aviation Services as members of BPSA - 1997.

Admission of US Airways as members of BPSA - 1997.

Admission of American Airlines as members of BPSA - 1997.

Restructure of BPSA Secretariat - June 1997.

PTTI World Congress - Montreal, August 1997 - Representatives: Sis. Betty Christopher and Bro. Rhydell Paynter. Change of name of the PTTI to Communications International.

Appointment of Sis. Betty Christopher as the PTTI Caribbean Women's Representative - 1997.

Retirement of first full-time General Secretary - Bro. Eugene A. Blakeney on November 28, 1997.

PSI World Congress - Japan, November 1997 - Representatives: Bro. Eugene A. Blakeney and Sis. Leleath Bailey.

Appointment of Sis. Leleath Bailey as PSI Titular representative for the World Organizing Committee (Caribbean region), effective November 1997.

Management Symposium conducted by Bro. George DePeana of DePeana & Associates, Trinidad - November 1997. Theme: Facing Paradigm Shifts - II.

Resignation of Sis. Patty-Ann Flood as Clerk Typist - November 1997.

1st BPSA 10K Road Race organized by the Sports Committee - November 1997.

Retired General Secretary, Bro. Eugene A. Blakeney, awarded Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Her Majesty, The Queen in the 1998 New Year's Honours.

Appointment of Bro. Edward G. Ball, Jr. as General Secretary of BPSA effective November 30, 1997.

Third Biennial General Election of Executive Officers held on February 5, 1998. Sis. Betty Christopher beat out incumbent, Sis. Leleath Bailey for the post of President. Sis. Rita Smith defeated Sis. Janet Burrows for the position of Assistant Recording Secretary.

Ninth Biennial Delegates' Conference held on March 5 and 6, 1998 under the Theme: "Aiming for Further Degrees of Success in the New Millennium." Guest Speaker - Opposition Leader Jennifer Smith, JP, MP.

Celebration of International Women's Day with a Luncheon on Sunday, March 8, 1998. Theme: "Trade Union Rights are Human Rights." Guest Speaker: C. Shelby Durham-Jackson, Rehab Options, Inc. Philadelphia.

Women's Study Circle Seminar held at BPSA Headquarters on March 24 - 26, 1998. Facilitator: Sis. Jacqui Moriah, PSI Coordinator (Caribbean).

Annual Conference of International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA) held in Toulouse, France. Attendees: Bro. Edward G. Ball, Jr. and Sis. Carla Crockwell.

Basic Shop Stewards' Seminar held April 22 - 24, 1998.

of BPSA Secretariat - Bro. Stephen W. Emery and Sis. Thelma J. Hart, effective May 1, 1998.

Testimonial Dinner held in honour of Retired BPSA General Secretary, Bro. Eugene A. Blakeney, MBE, held on Saturday, May 9, 1998 at the Marriott Castle Harbour Hotel, Tucker's Town. Guest Speaker: Bro. Williams (Bill) Lucy, International Secretary/Treasurer - American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, President of Public Services International.

Town Hall meeting held on May 28, 1998.

Downsizing of Cable & Wireless, with the loss of 18 members - July 1998.

Newswriting Course conducted by Dr. Dawn Addy of the Labor/Research Department of Florida International University. 15 Participants, inclusive of BPSA, BFSA, PSA, and ESTU.

Retirement of 1st Vice President - Derek Dillas - June 1998.

Election of 1st Vice President - Sis. Leleath Bailey - July 1998.

Brown Bag Seminar September 17, 1998 Re: GEHI.

Retirement Barbecue for Bro. Leon C. Simmons September 26, 1998, former BPSA Treasurer for 28 years.

Breast Cancer Forum held on October 1, 1998.

Health & Safety Seminar held on October 15, 1998.

Basic Shop Stewards' Seminar Part II held on October 20-22, 1998.

Management Committee renamed General Council as of November 1998.

First Annual Shop Stewards' Conference held on November 19, 1998 with 37 participants in attendance. Theme: Onward & Upward Together into the 21st Century.

National Pension Plan Forum conducted by Mr. Peter Sousa of the Ministry of Finance. Plan to take effect July 1999.

Shop Stewards' meeting on December 3, 1998 to form a Shop Stewards' Committee.

Resignation of the 2nd Vice President, Jill Caines, December 1998.

Special Delegates' Conference on January 27, 1999, resulting in:

  • Sis. Coreen Jackson-Tucker elected as 2nd Vice President.
  • Bro. David Bell, Bro. Milton Pringle and Sisters Florenz Maxwell, Cynthia Postlethwaite and Joanne Tucker elected as Trustees. Bro. Bell was appointed Chairperson of the Trustees Committee.

February, 1999, received the resignation of Assistant General Secretary, Bro. Stephen W. Emery to take affect May 6, 1999.

Shop Stewards' Committee presented its Terms of Reference at a meeting held on February 3, 1999.

Presentation Skills Seminar held on February 4, 1999.

February, 1999 - Death of the First President, Mr. Ralph Guantlett, OBE, E.D.

Celebration of International Women's Day - Lunch Forum - 8th March 1999. Speaker: Mrs. June R.O. Augustus, J.P. Director of the Physical Abuse Centre. Theme: 'We are Each Other's Keeper.'

Productivity and Performance Management Seminar - April 21 - 22, 1999, Facilitator, John Pilgrim, Executive Director of the National Productivity Council. Audience of 50 Executive General Council and Negotiating Team Members.

May 10 - 12, 1999: Basic Shop Stewards' Seminar. Facilitator - Sandra Massiah, Caribbean Project Coordinator of the Commonwealth Trade Union Council.

June 10, 1999: General Membership Meeting, St. Paul's Centennial Hall.

July, 1999: Resignation of 3rd Vice President, Bro. Rhydell Paynter.

July, 22 - 24, 1999: Negotiations Seminar conducted by Florida International University Center for Labor Research & Studies, Mr. Charles Hall and Professor Tom Humphries.

July, 1999: BPSA women attended Southern & Northeast Summer Schools in Tennessee and Maryland, USA - four at each school.

August, 1999: General Council approved the hiring of an Officer Manager.

August 23, 1999: Bro. Orin Simmons joined the BPSA Secretariat as Assistant General Secretary.

September 15, 1999: Bro. Allan Roberts was ratified by General Council as 3rd Vice President. There was no contest for the position.

October 11, 1999: Trustee David H. Bell died.

October, 1999: Bro. Milton Pringle appointed Chairperson of the Trustees Committee.

November 3, 1999: Sis. Betty Christopher was elected the first President of the Trade Union Council of Bermuda.

December, 1999: Sis. Coreen Jackson-Tucker resigned as 2nd Vice President.

January, 2000: Sis. Golinda Fox was appointed to the position of 2nd Vice President.

January 4, 2000: Sis. Linda Simons was appointed Office Manager of the BPSA Secretariat.

February 3, 2000: At the 4th Biennial General Election, Sis. Betty Christopher was voted in for a second term as President. Bro. Alan Roberts was voted in as 1st Vice President. Posts to take effect after the Installation of Officers at the 10th Biennial Delegates' Conference slated for March 31, 2000.

February, 2000: Past Trustee, Bro. Wilbur C. Pearman died.

March 8, 2000: Members and friends participated in a march about Hamilton in celebration of International Women's Day and the observance of the World March of Women 2000, echoing words, songs, shouts and steps under the Theme "2000 Good Reasons to March"

March 23, 2000: Membership Meeting for Government Workers to discuss the Civil Service Review.

March 30 and 31, 2000: The Hon. Paula A. Cox, JP, MP opened the 10th Biennial Delegates' Conference, held at the Elbow Beach Hotel, under the Theme "Maximising Your Potential in An Electronic World." The theme formed the basis of a forum that preceded Conference deliberations. The 2000 - 2002 Slate of Executive Officers were installed: President - Betty I. Christopher, 1st Vice President - Allan Roberts, 2nd Vice President - Golinda Fox, 3rd Vice President - Rodney Grimes, Treasurer - Michael Looby, Recording Secretary - Sharmette Pond, Assistant Recording Secretary - Rita Smith.

April 25, 2000: Sis. Roslyn E. Burchell, Chairperson of the Retirees Committee died.

April 27, 2000: E-Commerce Forum - Panelists: Arlene Brock of the E-Commerce Advisory Board and Ricardo Swan of FortKnox Ltd.

May 4, 2000: Child Abuse Forum.

May 15 - 17, 2000: Basic Shop Stewards' Seminar.

May 18 - 19, 2000: Advanced Shop Stewards' Seminar.

May 22, 2000: Membership meeting for Government members to discuss government Dental Plan.

June 15, 2000: Team Building Seminar.

June 2000: Four male Officers/Shop Stewards attended New Union Leader Training at the George Meany Centre, Silver Spring, Maryland. Two women Officers attended Southern Summer School in Miami, Florida.

June 24, 2000: Assistant General Secretaries-Bro. Orin Simmons and Sis. Thelma Hart graduated from the National Labor College at the George Meany Centre, Silver Spring, Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Labor Studies.

July 2000: One female officer attended Northeast Summer School in Connecticut.

September 6, 2000: BPSA Officers attended the Dedication Ceremony of the Dr. E. F. Gordon Ward and the Bermuda War Veteran's Wing at King Edward Memorial Hospital.

September 11 - 13, 2000: Executive Retreat at the Stonington Beach Hotel. Bro. David Alexander of the George Meany Labor Centre served as presenter.

October 5, 2000: BPSA Officers attended the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the New Office Building of the Bermuda Union of Teachers.

October 17, 2000: Women's Committee representative participated in the World March of Women 2000 in New York City.

November 2000: Two male Union Officer's attended New Union Leader Training at the George Meany Labor Centre, Silver Spring, Maryland.

November 23, 2000: Membership Meeting to discuss Government Dental Plan, Government Negotiations and Revised General Orders - Conditions of Employment/Code of Conduct.

January 25, 2001: Lunch-time Seminar: "How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Purchasing Your First Home" by Bro. Larry Sticca - Works & Engineering Department.

February 22, 2001: Lunch-time Seminar: "Effective Communications" by Ernestine DeGraff, Director of Human Resources - Bermuda College.

March 8, 2001: International Women's Day Celebration "It takes a Village... Volunteer" Julia Hampshere, President, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bermuda was the Guest Speaker.

March 15, 2001: Tamika Todd, of Platinum Financial Services presented a Lunch-time Seminar - "Climbing the Ladder to Financial Freedom"

March 16, 2001: Dame Marjorie Bean died. Dame Marjorie Bean was the first Secretary of the Civil Services Association in 1952.

March 22 - 23, 2001: Basic Shop Stewards' Seminar.

March 29, 2001; Government Membership Meeting with the Head of the Civil Service re: The Civil Service Review.

April 26, 2001; Emergency Membership Meeting for Government members re: state of negotiations.

May 1, 2001: Half-day Report Writing Seminar for General Council Members.

May 10 - 11, 2001: Intermediate Shop Stewards' Seminar

May 31, 2001: Special Delegates' Conference to discuss Constituional Changes and Ratification of Bro. Calvin Smith as a BPSA Trustee

2002: Change of organisation name from Bermuda Public Services Association to Bermuda Public Services Union


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